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Getting Customer Transactions


Gets the list of Customers' Payment Gateway Transactions, matching the search criteria.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
payment-type-id Integer Required Payment Type Id
transaction-ids Array of Integer Optional Transaction Ids
customer-ids Array of Integer Optional Customer Id of the Customer(s) for whom the details are to be fetched
transaction-type String Required Transaction type. Values can be addfund or payment.
start-date String Optional Start date of the duration for which Transactions are to be fetched
end-date String Optional End date of the duration for which Transactions are to be fetched
status Array of Strings Optional Status of the Transaction. Values can be AuthCancelled, AuthFailed, AuthPending, AuthStarted, FailedByCron, Refunded or Settled.
no-of-records Integer Required Number of records to be returned
page-no Integer Required Page number for which records are required

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


Returns a hash map of Customers' Payment Gateway Transactions containing the below details:

  • Transaction Id (transid)

  • Transaction Creation Date (creationdt)

  • Entity initiating the Transaction (role)

  • Customer Id (userid)

  • Transaction Status (status)

  • Transaction Amount in the Selling Currency of the Parent Reseller (sellingamount)

  • Amount Charged in the Selling Currency of the Parent Reseller (chargedamount)

  • Transaction Amount in the Accounting Currency of the Parent Reseller (accountingamount)

In case of any errors, a status key with value as ERROR alongwith an error message will be returned.